How can you predict thorough palm leaves? Can you explain the beginning of this technique?

Origin of Palm leaves can be traced back to couple of thousands years ago. At some point in The British rule, The British were particularly eager to obtain these types of ancient leaves, which deal with herbal cure, alchemy, various potions, Kalyakalpa to extend lifespan and multiple branches of fortune telling to name a few. In some of these fundamental rules of modern scientific innovation are explained. However, British were eager to take all these but they left behind Astrological leaves to their loyalist. People from a particular community who were specialized in Astrology bought these leaves and made Naadi reading their livelihood. As far as the genuineness, numerous clients have massively benefited through our astrological science.

 Can you predict anything beside what is written on the Palm Leaves?

To make things clear we are ‘Naadi readers ‘we just comprehend whatever written on the leaves to our clients and provide explanations to them. We don’t add anything in these predictions, sometimes we have to come across to clients who are annoyed by knowing some unlikable facts. Though we suggest corrective measure to be embark on to prevail over them. These remedial measures are also written on the palm leaves.


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